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From our visit to Ethiopia last month...with @PreciseConsult and @HenokPrecise

To support the farmers occupied with both Agriculture and Poultry, an integrated solution of solar powered poultry lighting and sprayer unit can be implemented.

#SDG7 #SustainableEnergy #Offgrid


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It wouldn't have been possible without the support of other organizations in the local ecosystem. @donbosco_tz, @SAGCOT, @kakuteprojects, @Fraxenconsult, @TAREATZ and @Tamfi2.

With @SELCOFoundation

#SustainableEnergy #RenewableEnergy #HLDE2021

Makoye, once a job seeker is now a young entrepreneur in Tanzania. His firm provides solar systems installation and maintenance services.

Our partner @imedfoundation, a local incubator played a critical role in strengthening him and other such entrepreneurs.

#SDG7 #SolarEnergy

Simple energy solutions like a solar powered sewing machine can make people's lives easier. This is one such example facilitated by @kakuteprojects in Zepisa, Tanzania much like the scenario in rural parts of Assam.

@imedfoundation @Fraxenconsult @Tamfi2

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